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LCD TV Repair Service

LCD TV, Plasma TV repair service Chennai. 90 day's service warranty. Expert of LED TV repair. LED TV Repair. lcd tv service. Types: LED TV Repair, LCD TV Repair, Plasma TV Repair.


Our certified tv service experts recognize all kinds of tv faults. It may be a Blank Screen, No Picture, Audio Fault, Horizontal Lines, Vertical Lines, Picture Shaking, Picture Not Clear, Wifi Link Defects, Double Image, Color Problem, etc.
Let the problem be anything, Don't Worry!
Your tv is in safe hands, and we will bring your tv back to normal.

With our Quality Service, we love to make every client who comes to us smile.

Service Speed is established to provide on-time service at a reasonable cost.

SERVICE SPEED - LED TV, LCD TV, OLED TV, SMART TV, Curved TV  Repair & Service in Chennai

Our staff are certified and are well experienced in repairing almost any brand including Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG to name a few.

Master of Chennai repairs TV technicians provide the best repair and maintenance of all brands Plasma TV, LCD television, color television, audio system, home theater, Music system, projector in whole Chennai

Whether you are required, home-based TV repair, flat screen TV repair, display repair, or LED TV screen repair, we will provide you the best home service in business. Our TV technicians are highly trained, licensed and qualified to repair TVs.

What We Offer

Customer's satisfaction is our ultimate Goal. Our specialist techies will diagnose and resolve your TV issues.
LED, LCD TV Repair & Service in Chennai

Common Issues in LED, LCD TV

  • TV screen is blank
  • TV not switched on
  • Automatically TV switched off or on
  • HDMI port issue (depends upon the model we can fix the issue)
  • Horizontal line in the centre of the LED TV screen
  • Only horizontal line showing without picture
  • Squashed images in the screen
  • TV does not show picture but only plays the sound
  • LED TV displays picture but not plays sound
  • Backlight issue
Our Techs have the experience to get your computer back. We also can come to your Business or Home.
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